What is SolReign?

The SolReign School of Human Potential and Soul-Realization aims to be the first fully integrated educational provider where the curriculum encompasses the full spectrum of core fields of human potential training, physically, intellectually, spiritually and technologically.

This sacred curriculum was designed from breaking down the essential emanations of any human being, observing the inner and outer relationships of these fields with each other as well as the outer world. The mastery of each field will yield different divine fruit: perpetuity, prosperity, impeccability, longevity, nation (power in our world) and reign (powers in yonder worlds).

In training the acquisition of these fruits and enjoyment of their sweetness, the teaching requires us to follow a living, breathing exploration cycle of expansion and consolidation, reflected in learning and practice. Looking even further, we can divide human potential along the core roles of the human being set in a greater plan of higher design for the repair of the world and the healing of the collective soul of humanity.

Image 1: The Core Overview of SolReign School’s Curriculum

Image 2: The Main Emanations of Man, and Immediate Consequential Paths