In these pages, you will find texts*, illustrations, photography and other creative works that I, Joachim Jacob Görbert, created in my search for Reign. The concept of Reign is the idea that no one but oneself should have rule over their lives. The idea is reinforced by three other thoughts that are sacred to me:

1. The compass of the Ethics of Reign: Modesty – Mastery – Courage – Passion
2. The mystery that surrounds us invites us to explore it
3. The sense of life is to tell a compelling story in ethics, mysticism and sense

From these thoughts, there is the common thread that runs through all the works exhibited here.

*= ENGLISH VIEWERS PLEASE NOTE: Most of the contents are still in German and currently being translated and edited in preparation of garnering a more international audience.

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These days I’m considering much that I wrote to be created from the root inside the heart of a wild man. I was too radical, shrill, people had a hard time coming to understand me from their “normal” state of mind. Therefore much has been revised & tamed. I want you to learn to understand my career through the exhibited works that you understand the fact why the idea of Reign is so valuable. Namely valuable for the success of your resistance against the forces that want you to bend from the inside and from the outside and make their rule over lives alienated and removed from their power.

In the ever more blatant progressive subjugation of people by states, corporations, religions and fashions, I see a huge risk for the future. What I long for still is revolution. Peaceful, but unyielding. Gently, but all-encompassing. Business, science, art – Its flowers are fruits of freedom, intelligence and creativity. And always in the center of our work: An uncorruptable integrity.

Wholly driven by an ethic that is unlike anything that has to date ever been crafted, I cannot “leave you alone”. You, the people, are key to my happiness. I will never be free as long as stupidity, wastefulness and aggression pollute my world. I will never walk in the wide fields in peace, and always the negative energy will disturb my perception.

Even Buddha said: No one is free until we all are free. I agree with this.

Terrorist-Joe-1.RoundWillingly reveling in hundreds of negative influences, only reluctantly letting intelligent, positive transformative thought penetrate our attention, we are setting ourselves up for utter defeat as a species. And we say: Do not judge us. Perhaps because we know that the judgment can only be of the most devastating quality. I am dissatisfied with the old beliefs and values. They did NOT provide satisfactory results.

They are too soft, too stupid, too naive, do not reflect the reality of human nature. It is time that we fold them. With lasting thoughts fix forever what hovers in fluctuating phenomenon. And never again will we permit the reign of beasts, when we defeated them. Initially as Yesterday – Yesterday as Today – Today as for Evermore.

Long live Reign. Protection be Yours.

Joachim “Joe/Jacob” Görbert