On Timing

The Time is Now: Returning to the Root of Our Power

And with that clarity we plunge into knowledge that is both ancestral and eternal, and with the overwhelming conviction that this knowledge is true, we are brought into faith not only in that knowledge, but in each other. It is the Tao that cannot be explained but it can only be experienced and it is our ability today that we do not have to meditate decades in the mountains to be able to plunge into the understanding of the Tao. And it is almost criminal to hold humanity away from its potential by not imparting this experience and spreading the joyous message that we all matter.

We matter as sure as we are matter. We matter for the collective karma of all of humanity, under and above the divine perception that is full of grace and service. The blissful sweetness of the gratitude that must undoubtedly be the foundation and framework of all things in existence. It is all around us and beckons us with love to play with it, to study it, to perpetuate and protect it; for it is the tree of the world, Yggdrasil, and it connects all the nine worlds of reality in one surreally beautiful system of principles, and we will not let it die.

Image 7: Logo Study, Scrapped Logo

It is in the proximity to Father Fire and Mother Earth that we connect the holy currents of the yin and the yang and it gave us wisdom. It gave us understanding, insight and intelligence. And it gave us commandment and it gave us laws and it gave us everything in perfect harmony with everything. And as we tried to splinter and shatter this knowledge into a million different pieces so that we might be able to understand it and feed it and keep it and interpret it and translate it – some of it was lost, transformed, twisted, dropped, distorted and turned into an instrument of man’s ego and resource avarice.

It is our great privilege to have in today’s world the technological as well as medicinal means to look at what are ultimate layers of abstraction, microcosmically, macrocosmically. Looking through this lens into the cosmos, something looks back at us. And that what it is, can be known through what it does, through its movement: the spinning, the infinite, the being of consciousness and bliss.

It compels us for it is compelled through its own force, compelling eternally by its fierce grace, explicit will and pure breath. It is the source, being all, being the reign of God and in this being the greater school in and of itself. The code is contained, we at SolReign only peel back the layers of expression stacked and draped around it.

Image: Using High-Tech Tools, no Matter how Limiting the Environment