Our Curriculum

Between being lovers, warriors, artisans, healers, rulers and divine embodiments, there is not that much more which represents the core essence of what it means. It’s in these archetypical fields that we find the core essence represented of what it means to be a wholesomely empowered human being- living, speaking and acting in and from his or her highest potential.

Through inspired strive we converted these ancient paths of the lore into the modern equivalents and elected the fields of Tantra, Security, Business, Medicinal, Politics and Priesthood to compose the delicate architecture of edifices of courses and modules that build on each other in the most organic and intuitive way. Our goal is to keep students in a state of constant flow and excitement as they explore their way deeper and deeper, further and further, higher and higher towards becoming the greatest version of themselves in this lifetime.

Image 2.1: The expansion-consolidation / sequential

Image 3: Fields Overview 2-6

The SolReign School of Soul-Realization as an Escape Vessel from the „Matrix“

Caught between the grinding mills erected by corporations, governments and supranational bodies of institutions chipping away at our freedoms, possessions and the mental and physical health of future generations, it is of interest to many of us to develop ways to live life as far outside the system as comfortably possible. It was therefore an explicit goal for the founders of SolReign that the curriculum is assembled in such a way as to enable students to put together business operations at the end of their graduation after only the first few fields of study. These shall be businesses that are sturdy enough to carry them and make possible a life where spirit is free and happy- or in other words: In its best condition to create remarkable things, generating enough surplus resources for the furthering of all causes sacred.

Image 4: Course Overview Field 2 (Business)