Our Excitement

An All-Encompassing Impact School Means Highest Excitement in its Purest Form

We must conclude together, as has Siddhartha Buddha concluded so many thousands of years ago, that it is not possible for any single person to be free, if we are not all free. There is also a proverb in Argentina that for every school opened you can close 8 jails. In our extended team, few of us can also not imagine a more fun way to participate in bringing about the paradigm shift than running a global impact school.

Image 5: Sketch made in VR of Yggdrasil Study House, currently being built in San Marcos la Laguna

Just a short exemplary excerpt of the things we can put together:

  • any type of green tech & recording equipment
  • amazing events
  • teach and train
  • research & development work
  • amazing, viral digital educational content
  • charity work with the local communities and beyond;

The above and much more will enable us to slowly garner the only fame one can truly be proud of. A fame much greater (we here in the team think) than, for example: taking other tribespeople’s lives (Medals of “Honor”), distracting the public with fictional moving pictures (The Oscars), or owning or empowering exploitative, cancerous corporations, governments and supranational bodies.

Instead it is our great joy, honour and pleasure to be facilitators of the passage of miracles: Breaking this infinitely nourishing bread that only expands more the more you break it – with your siblings, companions, and families of tribes connected through a hyper-resilient, hivelike, cross-enlightened and very much thriving humanity.

Image 6: Current State of Curriculum Map in VR (7x3x6=126 different courses!)

At a certain level of spiritual development it becomes natural for any human to want to share and add to the sum of wisdom in the world, for it is the ultimate way that intelligence cannot cease. By perpetuating ways of making knowledge more easily extractable and absorbable, it is our vision to push the horizon of what is possible, traversing our full arsenal containing, but not limited to:

  • transcendence technology
  • shamanistic/community rituals (sometimes accompanied by psychotropics)
  • and ancestral futurism

It is here at this very resilient Lake Atitlan, between three volcanoes in the jungle of the indigenous territories that we found higher ground and thought it a good decision to store and distribute a lot of original knowledge in the vaults we made for us and all of mankind here; To restore knowledge and keep our holiest intelligence preserved.

We have allowed it that in too many fields the ego of man has shredded and shrouded what was the original archetype carrier that brought us the progress of civilizations. Instead we have let ourselves be led astray by the illusion of the Hydra, believing that each and every head is not a part of one whole beast.

Image: A View of Our Home, at Sunset

The beast that is ignorance. The beast that is the apathy of the mind, the anti-instinct that wants to flee higher callings. The beast that is destructive desires and the transgressions of self -pity, pathologically wrongful pride and megalomania. Dressed in the costumes of one million vices we see the dual flame that mirrors our highest aspirations against our internal erosion tempting us to lowest downfalls.

Only by looking deep into the shadowy forests of our pained souls are we able to lead that happy, innocent inner child out and teach it how to be one with itself again and make a home for itself in the inner and outer world. It is in tranquillity that comes from emotional firmness that makes the light of truth clear, without us wanting to run away.