Our Fun

To Truly Change the World, the Struggle Must also be Fun

And even despite the awareness of the seriousness of all this –  what we are looking to put on our shoulders – we will have fun with it. We will laugh and we will dance and we will tell amazing stories to each other over the fire. We will hug and we will take our bodies through blissful journey in experiencing the world outside us, inside us and between each other.

We will create a happy place to be the house of the divine and we will create a place where spirit is allowed to experience itself in freedom and gladness – so that successive creation may reflect those two root emanations that are present in anything that wants to live on. It will be from the lightness in our heart that we are able to stand with so much on our backs, duties which weigh our spirit down in grounding, sober motions ripe with meaning and significance.

And we will be the ultimate alchemists able to perform this most delicate of transformations which is the repair of the world, taking what is heavy and apparently insurmountable, and making it light, penetrable, and finally movable.

Image: A Dry-Composting Toilet, Funny Enough One Key Technology to Healing the World

But what indeed is it what we mean when we talk about the repair of the world, or “Tikkun Olam” in Hebrew? How do we aptly define the new paradigm people, how can we sufficiently describe the spirit of the utopian tribe?

It is truly by

  • the symmetry, the fairness and the grace that we can know each other
  • our symbols and our medicines, our colours and our voices
  • our songs and our practices
  • the way we treat the land and its people
  •  the way we treat our animals
  • the softness with which we look onto our brothers and sisters
  • that sincerity with which we hug, kiss, dance and make love

By the great bouts of fortune we are generously gifted by the divine that enable us to build our organizations and make enough space for our people and ­frustrate the knavish tricks of Babylon even as they try their best to take away our remaining resources and alternatives and plop us into the uniformity that best serves their industries.

But we represent the regenerative economy and its unfolding, stand assembled, gathered beneath the wings of the Titans: the masculine and the feminine principle fusing together and revealing the powers of presence and omniscience in one sweeping motion, birthing in their turn notions explaining exactly what we have to do next, and next after that, and then next after that. On a path to power, overcoming the Behemoth of the South, the Leviathan of the West, the Dragon of the East and the Giant of the North.