Our Goal

The Repair of the World – When we will know that we were successful

The repaired world will be a world of the kingdom and victory of God, a world reflective in the spirit of the Father and blessed in the grace of the Mother. A world in which higher creatures born into it shall be given proper reception, enough space for achieving their highest potential and no suffering is unnatural or arbitrary. A world of open eyes and open hearts and recognizant of the soul world dimensions around them.

This world, a world that does not derive the slightest joy from causing suffering but where every antenna of sentience is to bring back to the divine perception of higher quality. So the higher creatures are complementary to the divine dynamics that appear to prefer accelerating growth instead of constant combustion.

Image: Joe at Cosmic Convergence Festival, Santiago de Atitlan, 2016

And that only makes sense for if you are God creating your crown, you enjoy your living ornaments, your children branching out into intrinsic patterns of glittering beauty. Why would you intend to let everything fall to ashes, splendour going up in smoke and annihilation, without rhyme or reason to it, responsible and guilty for all the rude rule work designed for the making of suffering? Being Shiva, and being torturer? It doesn’t add up, it doesn’t blend. Dukkha is not a divine emanation, but victory, splendour is.

Image: Tantra, Course Field 1

There is severity, yes. But we know that the divine is simultaneously full of kindness and that in its revelation we can often only wonder about the irony and how real everything is. We have to surrender to the unfathomable nature of God and yet we have to remain scholars of the past and fear God’s withdrawal, a taking-away motion of the mercy that sustains the beauty, in moments of our most impertinent disobediences. We sprout understanding and wisdom from this level, to come closer to the crown and there capture what is our closest look into the eye; which is the source; which is the will and is the word, and love of God.

The repaired world will know God for what God is and what is His doing, and not-doing. We wonder why the question for religion is one that is still causing us so much confusion even in the age of technology. It is because it is about agreeing on the hearts from which we make all decisions. It is because in the heart is always the why, and the why of this heart is perpetuity.

The perpetuity that craves ascension to enable yet greater displays of worship and receiving one million times back the service that is rendered. After the discovery of how healing it is to keep deep gratitude in one’s relationship to the divine, it is tragically comical how we can have so much religion, yet be so lost, and hostile to each other, and most other creatures.

Image: Subversive Street Art, San Pedro la Laguna, Atitlan, 2016

It is our vision for the School that we shall not remain a capsule tucked away on higher ground, only seen from the outside as a body of dogma. Removed from the streets and the desperation of man’s struggle in the dirt and the blight, far away from the sceneries of waste; now that isn’t bravery. And these are wastelands made of the world, produced by the all-consuming machinery, pushing rudely, bluntly and brusquely aside the human and in fact all organic life, and the problems that are our planet’s.

It is not our way to blind ourselves and find happiness in ignoring what is real. Rather we shall grow into an all-encompassing “Reign of Pieces” that is governed by hive, and queen and swarm and knows its enemy from all angles, and is not afraid to make the world anew: A world of new design that is a world for the innocent, the fragile and aesthetic, the delicate and beautiful balance that is the treasure within the treasure, the sacred pocket inside the innermost pocket, keeping safe the flower inside the flower, where the divine seed comes from.