On Creation

What Creation Really Wants and the Human Tragedy of Misinterpreting Everything

It is the little girl and her sense of justice and the little boy and his instincts of protecting her that is the overarching theme of the story of creation. It is her keeping of life in perpetuity and his onward push to penetrate the boundaries of existence that grows into this intrinsic dance of passion and heat and light and folding of matter to achieve more complicated forms, more spectacular effects. It is the frame given by the arms of the Father and the waves of His will circulating and raising Shekinah, the dwelling of the female divine, drawing her into his arms and immersing Himself in the dance with Her and Them making the 10,000 things from light and darkness – so that we may know the glory of God in eternity, the kingdom of God giving us the foundation to every form of higher thought. Then, through the restriction in discipline that maturity commands, were set into place the higher rules that really contain a full explanation of why is anything the way it is.

Image: Medicinals, Course Field 5

Going back to our original knowledge from the vastly expansive yet deserted and impoverished lands of oblivion, it is almost like returning home from a very long and very confusing voyage, where many discomforts and perils had to be braved. By the repression of spirit alone were we enabled to survive a world where sensitivity leads to enslavement and true compassion would kill you simply from broken heart of witnessing so much pain and loss.

Our school will be as much a school as it will be a hospital for the damaged, ailing and broken spirit of the masses and especially those which are among us chosen to be guides. Repairing the world is a concept best understood by those coming from the most broken places, those who were most broken inside and became good at recognizing what we can repair, what we can replace and what we must do without until the source may set us free.

As much as it is our duty to push our students to extraordinary achievement, it is also our duty to hold space for the grief and for the process that comes automatically with ascending into higher realms of consciousness. For example often enough the first dipping into Moksha is accompanied by tears and the opening of chakras can cause all kinds of reactions. The awakening Kundalini can make people fall over or hurt their spine. The execution of certain initiation rituals can lead to possessions, self-alienation and other disassociation syndromes.

Once masters became masters, they sometimes disappeared from the world and stopped giving it what it needed most. Places that were built as sanctuaries became infested by evil spirit and orgies of distraction and destruction toppled the highest places and awakened the known sorrows. And in their wake, powerful, far-cultured pain bodies that live until this day, creating wrathful thought and spiteful intention. And so we must be careful when we are opening these boxes, it cannot be in a dabbling way.