Our Masters

Powers of Seekers and Limits of Masters

All the rest of the powers, all the rest of what appears to be magic is simply coming from relating this understanding to the natural sciences. We find the underlying code beneath; behind the stage on which we place our dramas, until we see the chance to transcend this stage and touch upon the actual world behind the drapes. It is in the in-between of looking inward and looking outward, it is on the very fringes of the worlds that we understand the true nature of these worlds and in this true understanding we find infinite power.

By the connectedness, by the unity we are returned to the Ein Sof, the original divine light, as beings of pure frequency. Unique signatures sent with a mission, to bring back beautiful experience to the source and push the boundaries of what it can remember from that amazement yielded since its birth to continue breathing out creation until the end of time.

Image: Intention-Setting Ceremony, Art Gallery, Cosmic Convergence Festival 2016

A humanity of lovers, artisans, warriors, healers, chiefs and clerics – what could be a better, more exciting tale to tell, what would be more deserving of a spot in the eternal Akashic records? Do we not know we have been there where we are now, every couple of centuries? And have we not always answered to the divine with a final flick of the head and nod in their direction? To honour creation by proving comprehension? To give back to our creators by way of mirroring a fraction of understanding Them?

To turn your face and gaze the light of truth is entering instantly into Moksha. But to surrender to the illusion of Maya and Samsara, accomplish Samadhi and ascend to Nirvana only to be hauled back by the ongoing war of good against evil on earth, back into a suffering state; it is not the most feasible thing for any master to do. Even as we sacrifice our peace one lifetime after another, old souls having to respond to the emergency calls coming in from our battered little blue planet, the glory is lost in the routine.

It shall come to be in this place in time that the burden to decide this ever more exhausting tug-of-war for the faction of light, of order, of salvation, finally. Because the suffering has been enough, because we have collected awareness, because the pain is unbearable and because our karma is compelling us; Because it is our Dharma.