Our Teachings

To Teach Essentials is to Teach the Worth of the Fragile

Embarking on one million different paths of power, we have the choice of grinding, or we have the choice of surfing. We have the choice of serving or resisting service. We know that in the contraction of God’s power (Tzim-Tzum), in the limitation of the movement of giving and receiving, is space reserved and made into an anchorage for stability. It is by the very architecture of the energies that surround us that we are compelled to dance with them.

Nothing is ever going to grow in the place that is sheer chaos, and extreme temperatures and no water and no air. It is in the allowance of flow that life can come home to something that sustains it. It is in the ever spiralling spirals, in the ever more patterned fractal that somehow, miraculously, the seed of life can be planted in a soil bound and made fertile by so many strings. Only in the anchorage of all this spinning can this most unlikely of things takes its course: Life.

In Taoism we have come to appreciate the tranquillity of nonresistance, nonjudgment and nonattachment. It comes to us as a late responsibility in the course of this success story that is our design as humans that we have to really readapt our definitions: of what is meaning itself, the meaning of meaning.

Image: Early Phase Living at the Lab, Creative Chaos

As the Iron age (Kali Yuga) comes to its inescapable conclusion, we understand that every gesture, every word, every thought, every touch, every look exchanged between strangers is infused with a new, graver kind of meaning.

  • Where a dozen plastic buttons can mean the extinction of millions;
  • where 12 lines of codes can destroy the intelligence that stores all of the intelligence of humanity;
  • where a 12-year-old can hack their own DNA in their basement or ferment forth chemicals and pathogens that we cannot even know;

our self understanding of embodying the divine judgment must necessarily shift.

It is from this side of God’s severity after Him lavishly displaying so much kindness and patience that the sword is struck down on the line between what is still tolerable for beauty and what must necessarily go. Either by doing the work or not doing it and letting creation go in the uncoordinated dances of destruction which always are wasteful and which always cost so much time, resolution manifests. But God will agree it is better that the Gordic Knots be broken through whatever cataclysm than to spend eternity in stasis.

Paralyzed in the frozen hells of nothingness for eons and eons… this memory is what lets us embrace the flame inside each and every one of us and that has us on our feet, on our toes; with our hands in the air, and our fists and jaws clenched and then released in one beautiful shout: this wonderful right to be given fairness, to be given a chance to stand in the proximity of God. And that is the highest human potential, this proximity.