Our Truth

To Truly Teach is to Truly Love the Idea that is Worthy

The spark of brilliance and the love for higher design, those are the two true emanations which God gave us to lift the limits of the restrictions to freedom and find liberation from all suffering. It is by the side of Him the Father and it is through the power of Her, the Mother that we realized the value of what was given to us. And we forget all the pettiness and forget all the artificial divisions that cripple us and that make us demon fodder. For we do not want to be blind as hell spawn is, from their endless wrath yearning to lower us into addictions, deceptions and jealousies; to make their kind of “justice”, in hatred, hating the divine for what it is. Hating it for its love, its infinity, its relentless forward motion.

Ever spinning forth so that there be plenty; so that there be manifold creation. So that there be endlessly exciting puzzles to assemble and be united in a common mission, which is increasing awareness and being a channel for the divine to become aware of itself. For such is the love, the very essence of love, is that it wants to know itself because of the perfection that it represents when it is true.

Image: The JungleLab Micro-Coliving Space we have already built, in Panajachel

Image: The JungleLab, Front View

For there is no higher frequency and there is no greater longing for anything intelligent than to taste the sweetness of something that is fully good. That draws its perfection from itself, from the impeccability and the immaculate balance; the purity and the many colours converging into whiteness, becoming something that has the potential to be everything. And this everything, as long as it is in God, is in its highest form, its original form.

To teach what we would need to teach, to give justice to all of those things that we identified to be of the most utmost importance so we might really want to teach it, that’s a lot of work. We have to bring together the bits and pieces and we have to make sure that we bring nothing corrupted over the threshold of this portal.

For nature constructs nothing without capsules: if something valuable is inside, the walls are always proper. Like the cellular membranes inside every higher organism that control the ingression of molecules by osmotic pressure, we are the gatekeepers and guardians of our libraries and our halls. So that all degeneration be spotted and impeded, so that only proper speech, proper thought is practiced to be refined, recorded and passed on.

Andthat way of wording it is offensive to some, because absolutisms stand in bad memory. But this is the way of the divine when it is known in its purest form: no allowance for doubt, no hiding from the ecstasy of the knowledge that is unadulterated. And thus, the more contrasted stands the other stuff. Those advanced in the way will be able to agree over many topics so that we may relinquish the learning of false information, and direct our efforts to fruition, and quit sowing our seeds into the blight.

Image: Early Phase VR Sketch, Tzununa Main Complex Futuristic Version