Our Vision

Conclusions We Would Like You to Draw from Our Vision

Concluding our vision we could say that what we want to build is truly an Arc of Noah for sacred knowledge in the form of an intelligence library, a training ground that has its own spirit and welcomes and integrates every new soul and opens it up in the most proper way possible. We want this organization to grow without destroying itself and help us recover the most broken places in the world. It is from these corners of the world that we will produce blueprints on how the collective global paradigm shift can be brought about – hopefully just in time.

We want to see a world that we can be proud of in the moment of passing it onward and we want it to be a vehicle for the facilitation of ascension towards the higher dimensions, instead of the tumbling, stumbling and bumbling experience that pulls the soul down and wraps over it heavy layers of shrouds that make perception become impure.

In the recognition of the greatness and also worthiness of this vision it is possible that we can embrace whatever work is needed for its fulfilment. And we pray to God that there will be a way to reach the other side as we trust the stepping stones which are offering themselves to us.

Image: Making Peace, Street Art, San Pedro la Laguna, Atitlan, 2016

And they are but tiny pieces of land sticking out from a stream of rushing, polluted chaos and imperfect intermediary product. As the worlds that are still intact contract inward, they will stick out more and more for our people to see and we will have to work towards accommodating our brothers and sisters in our midst.

And we will most probably have to make spaces ready for them, perhaps sooner than we had bargained for. One of the conclusions therefore has to be that we must make haste, just as the development is exponentially accelerating and the age of velocity will more and more show itself for what it really is, an age of disintegration.

A final conclusion to leave the reader with is perhaps that in the discernment of each and every one of us lies the potential to make a free decision in support of whether or not we listen to the voice of the Messiah in us, or if we refuse service and prefer forming a part of legion. Either principle, the bliss obtained through being in service or the blissful nothingness obtained through resisting service and being in a state of not-being, they represent the dual flame of the same thing: choice, freedom, perhaps revealing the most important intention to set for oneself.

Towards syntropie. Syntropie, pretty please.

For us it is not really a question anymore if we want to stand in service or not. It is a given.For we know what it is for, and this is the knowledge that once discovered will set any man and any woman free sooner or later, if they can find their teacher.

Protection Be Ours

Joachim Görbert, CEO/CFO