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When Education Becomes Exorcism

The repair of the world is therefore also a great exorcism; it is a great start towards equilibrium; and one lunging motion – in its evasion of cataclysm – desperate, yet rational. It is indeed the ultimate motion of truest courage, the kind of courage that God sees, and rewards. For it is in the precise understanding of what our seers and prophets spoke about that this is it, finally that what we are witnessing before us, it is the precipice. And there cannot be a higher purpose than aiding in the preparation of bringing about the Messianic age.

Image: Blighted Shore, San Pedro la Laguna, Atitlan, 2017

For if there are many enough that are like the Messiah by their innermost ability of divine discernment, their hearts will be the kingdom of God. And they will stand against legion, walk as sheep among the wolves, over scorpions and snakes, but nothing, nothing, nothing in all this world neither the nether ones, would be able to hurt them. And that is the true power of those who decide that they want to repair the world: they are truly invulnerable spiritually, and that eventually lets them become intellectually invulnerable, and then emotionally and finally physically invulnerable. Paladins and templars, ninjas and champions, it is hard to rock them, hard to beat them into whatever forms of submission.

And this births pinnacles of resilience in the human. Entering in the fullest potential, it is a special knowledge that enables speed, strength and superhuman perception. In wielding enchanted items and knowing the weak spot of everything, even the greatest beast can be bested. It enables the traverse of space with hyper-efficient elegance and it is clean and smart. It is symphonic, aligned, symbiotic, syntropic, symmetric and smooth.

It is contained within itself and through this, it is the very mystery behind all mystery; the inexplicably sweet breath sighing out in tranquillity, ecstasy, in the embrace of Shiva with Shakti. And to be in her arms and for her to know she is safe in the unfolding of beauty, it is the end and means to all that matters, really. The things the divine learns through love as it journeys lets it infuse everything it touches with such excellent brilliance, just as its frustrations and blockades to higher states are removed.

Alas, and thus in the singing of praise and prayer to Atman and Brahman can we tap into higher sources of channelling knowledge. We understand how through the highest energy work, we can engage always in dialogue with the divine within. And we should be well-advised in keeping this dialogue flowing at all times, even as we allow everyone to mirror in their million expressions a million different innermost, most intimate individual relationships with it.