Our Why

The SolReign School of Soul-Realization as an Escape Vessel from the „Matrix“

Caught between the grinding mills erected by corporations, governments and supranational bodies of institutions chipping away at our freedoms, possessions and the mental and physical health of future generations, it is of interest to many of us to develop ways to live life as far outside the system as comfortably possible. It was therefore an explicit goal for the founders of SolReign that the curriculum is assembled in such a way as to enable students to put together business operations at the end of their graduation after only the first few fields of study. These shall be businesses that are sturdy enough to carry them and make possible a life where spirit is free and happy- or in other words: In its best condition to create remarkable things, generating enough surplus resources for the furthering of all causes sacred.

Image 4: Course Overview Field 2 (Business)

The founders of the School of SolReign are Lucya and Joe, who in collaboration with several masters of the holistic-spiritual arts are creating the initial concept vision, aim to go beyond all boundaries of former thought to build a magical place where man is taught the return to essence. A learning grounds where every student will learn to identify what are the husks of ego encrusting and clouding the perception, whereas a clear, ego-less perception would enable us to see together the same thing as a united humanity and work together in actual brotherhood. Where the gravity is understood- the gravity of what it truly means to be alive; having the ability to embody divine principles in a forever more marvellous plane of existence. And how to make such understanding’s wakeful, mindful practice part of everyday life.

Where we are taught to recognize what are the distortions of the mind and what’s detrimental to our inner worlds which all can be made into gardens and endless fields of delicious fruit again, from the barren, deserted wastelands Babylonic philosophies made of the chambers of our hearts. The crossing between what is the knowledge required to governing the physical world is intelligently mixed with courses from the spiritual realm to make it possible for our students to receive a 360° idea of what is reality.

More and more we awaken to the fact that by purely gazing at things with our rational mind, we are:

a) neither going to be able to differentiate ourselves from the machines which are coming to inhabit this space with us nor will we be able to

b) heal ourselves and others and remember the root of our humanity.

At a time where our earth and our climate are slowly but steadily accelerating into upheaval from our impact and there is less and less space to accommodate the many souls that are being brought into life, it cannot be acceptable for us that so much autism, disinformation, corrupted knowledge or in fact the utter lack of any non-trivia knowledge is affecting such sizable portions of our tribes. It is corrosive in so many ways, and it is to the profit of no one, not even the ones who caused it and who are leeching from their weakened host the last drops, until we cannot sustain them anymore.