Our World

In a Contested World, Expect Contest

As we know the places that demons love to inhabit we will not create another nest for them – so that our intelligence will be blessed and never defile the will or commandments. To remain steadfast to these requirements against the grain legion brushes, we will have to grow and continue growing and we will need all the help that we can get; but only when it comes from a proper place of heart, to not invite the worm, an Eye of Teeth.

The vision that we are standing for is a vision that precludes that mankind is worth it: That true service is the ultimate worship and that the supreme truth of worship is love.

Image: Choose what is to Inhabit your Mind | Street Art San Pedro la Laguna, Atitlan

There can be no doubt about it: the riches that mattered were always only the riches in heaven. On earth, the best thing that we can do is simply be gateways for those celestial riches to let them flow down to us through the simple gravity that keeps everything else together. The highest potential that we can develop is an exercise in discipline but it is a discipline that will let us go into places where there is only the bliss and the freedom to be and do anything we want. The cosmic joke is that those who are able to take everything from themselves will be given everything and more, and if instead you always go by doing what is easy, your life will become hard.

To make sure that the words here uttered are not going to be yet more empty shells thrown into a pond of starving fish, exciting them needlessly for something devoid of actual content, it will be our duty to breathe life and colour into all the outlines we make. Gathering substance from the ether to plant in the thinned-out soil the seeds that may grow into the mighty trunks on which we shall settle the body, the engine of all this creation, we must rely on the unlikely. And this unlikely thing is the idea of having friends, finding allies and aligning hearts.

We must rely on people. Even as they tell us that we are too many, even as they tell us that we are lost. We will rely on them and we will have the best hopes for them. And we will give them the opportunities that shall in turn give us the resources that we will multiply with our exact knowledge of what is needed. It is by a) the self-realization that b) realization can be given to others; and those are the only two miracles that those we look up to agree are truly the foundational miracles.