Trimurti Dojo

The Trimurti Dojo

When the tides roll, we must know how to get wet.

And so in one stride, we heal and defend ourselves just as we build our actual close and ranged combat strength as well as physical resilience, survival, communication and individual/troop orientation in the field. Weapons and gear are second nature to any serious warrior, and so crafting and smithing are also part of our activities.

Come and check out our spaces and see for yourself how everything we make is made to measure. No frills, no covers. We hold dear our functionality and efficiency to give you the rawest, realest experience at the lowest price. For this is our service to the world: going first, walking tall and standing fearlessly.


Our bi-monthly specials:

Shadow Work Mondays

Free trial training in lunar martial arts (ninja stuff, biochem stuff, confusion/conspiring arts, summoning/vanquishing etc.)

When: 1st and 3rd Mondays of the month, 3-5:30 PM at San Marcos Dojo

Wargod’s Bhakti Tuesday

Free percussion Kirtan & anger release work

When: 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the month, 3-5:30 PM at San Marcos Dojo

Men’s Day Wednesday

Free training for men & men’s circle

When: Every week, 10 AM until 5 PM, circle is from 2-4 PM

Crafting Thursday

Make your own weapons and gear

When: Every 1st Thursday of the month

Freya Friday

Free training for women & free safety circle/armors & gear discussions for women

When: Every week, 10 AM until 5 PM, circle is from 2-4 PM

Breath/Sound Saturday

Varying 3h breathwork and soundhealing/guided meditations

When: By announcement

Peace Practices Sunday

Varying shows, music, community service or peaceful Kirtan

When: By announcement

Trimurti Dojo vision guidelines & rules

1. Humanity was conceived as a protective agent for creation to be aware and loving of itself

2. Specifically, we are protectors of the grove, the tribe, the closer and the greater familia and the ancestral knowledge

3. At Trimurti Dojo San Marcos la Laguna, we train inner, outer and astral combat. That means we aim to become firm from within, from the outside and energetically/etherically

4. Treat our Dojo as you would a temple. Come here to release your anger if you have any, but never lose control over yourself and keep all things in their proper place and clean

5. If you break a piece of equipment, please make a notice and if improper use caused the breakage, please happily pay the appropriate amount for repair or replacement

6. Do not incapacitate your sparring partner. Be extremely mindful when sparring

7. Be mindful of your joints and ligaments when you train, especially your wrists and knees and wear all advisable protective gear

8. Come to train in a sober, clean and neutral state (no overeating, no sensuality before training etc.)

9. Clean up after yourself and act like an adult at all times

10. Follow the instructions of the dojo’s staff at all times

11. The dojo organizers will have you sign a waiver. Please read the waiver attentively and respect your own health. We will not be held responsible for death or injury of Dojo guests or loss or damage of their belongings!