Trimurti Laboratory

The Trimurti Lab & Trimurti Ceremonials

Trimurti Ceremonials is our homegrown line of ceremony quality, locally sourced, handmade medicinal specialty foods currently consisting of slow ghee, infused ghee, medicated ghee and black garlic/onion blends (ferments that qualify as temple food). Production will be expanded shortly to add soy sauce, mustard and nut-based cheeses to a growing portfolio of finest foods with unique properties. All foods are produced at the Trimurti Laboratory in Panajachel, where we also do all digital work involved with launching and growing the entirety of the Trimurti project operations.

It started off when we were looking for a way to make use of overcapacities of our slightly overbuilt solar power system installed at the JungleLab micro coworking and startup lab (now Trimurti Laboratories Panajachel). We found that we could funnel the power into slow cookers and make very high quality, essentially imperishable sacred foods with this energy. Surrounded by the new paradigm and eco community here at lake Atitlan, we were exposed to all sorts of medicinal, antiparasitic and fermented foods experts and indeed extraction/purification, desecating/powdering and even destillation/higher refinement of nature’s best organic raw material is something routinely done here, with simplest means often enough, but always so much love and reverence.

Thus, we learnt it all and continuing through iterations of improvement we will get even better. One of our highest goals is to eventually produce something so beyond standard, that it’s practically impossible to buy with money: a mystical magical substance that can cure any aggravation, the blue Lotus ghee.

Trimurti Ceremonials and the Medicinal Labeling Debate

To notice your own body mending after decades-long abuse history, see the spark in your eyes relit and feel your vitality return is something worth more than the efforts and expenses it takes to learn, accept and integrate the holistic healthy lifestyle and the spiritpreneurship imperatives. It is really quite priceless. To understand that from a stance of slow enjoyment, restorative practices and mindful presence when putting anything into your body so many additional active years can be reaped from what one is given from God, it opens perception up a lot and gives a ton of motivation for shifting priorities.

Just as it was scientifically proven that refined, processed and fast foods can cause depression, anxiety and chronic exhaustion (burnout), sacred foods prepared and consumed in a proper way can make the mind and heart resilient against impacts and toxins of a more and more unravelled world. We’re happy to be based out of Guatemala, because the power of the military-industrial complex in their stronghold/stranglehold countries goes so far that we wouldn’t even be allowed to use the term “medicinal” for anything we produce.

Hordes of well-funded lawyers, lobbyists and institutionalized inspection-bureaucracy bullying assures that no sane person can happily manifacture anything wholesome and holistically profitable and live to tell the tale under jurisdictions that represent probably over 95% of the multibillion dollar higher nutrition markets. And so you can maybe go and buy their certified and aesthetically labelled products, but chances are there is no actual human or divine or even respectful spirit in them anymore and the power of your purchase goes towards making the world an even darker place for everyone right now, and for the future.

Indeed, getting away with doing what is right has consistently been made impossible by gray-suited men in high towers. The fact that they are successful and thriving off their transgressions, killing it killing us, speaks louder than what masses claim as the change they’d like to see in the world. And to us, that’s one more reason to stay annoyingly steadfast in our own integrity and speak with conviction the things we know are true. To return power to familia and erect the ancient shields of impeccable health and huntsman’s fierceness so to fend off the nightmare consuming us and the sacred wilderness, it is with calm determination that we push onward with our work, nourishing our people, one jar of goodness, spoonfuls of bliss at a time.

Om nama shivaya nama om

May the heart of the forest beat forever, protected by its children

Loka samaste sukino babantu

May humanity be liberated and freed of suffering, by the higher design strive of our most heart-centered champions

Sri Ganesha, raksharam, sri Ganesha paribam, gan nama pataye, namona ma

May our enemies surrounding us be removed by the grace of the divine, may the radiance of God shine upon us, may the great and vile parasites be frustrated and starved, through our peace within us, between ourselves and it, passing through the furnaces of transcendence together, as one

Jai ma, jai ma, jai ma – ong namur guru dev namur

May those seeking be the ones finding and make perpetuity of proper ways in eternity and splendor upon the face of the earth, guided by ancient wisdom, to dream endless dreams far stretching into a future ripe with infinite possibility

Trimurti Ceremonials vision guidelines & positioning

1. At the Trimurti Ceremonials production site, the Trimurti Laboratories Panajachel, we produce sacred foods. Every aspect of our handling, logistics and processes reflects this original fact

2. We strive to participate in the great repair of the world through way of handmade medicinal and specialty foods. To nourish humanity, heal and tonify every organ in its proper way, to enable us to do heavy work with ease and never get sick

3. We follow Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine recipes sprinkled with Mayan, Korean and Japanese culinary herbology and temple healing arts and will produce our own documentations, quality control measures and recipes as we go along

4. We believe people should seek getting diagnosed by reputed alternative holistic healing masters as well as an open-minded western doctor or nutritionist to be able to make the most of our medicinal food and avoid aggravations

5. We recommend prayer and mindfulness before consumption of any plate prepared with a Trimurti product to maximize the nourishing effect of the food

6. We will retain a stance of transparency and gratitude to all our customers and stakeholders at all times

7. We hold diligent gaze over the way our raw materials are produced and sourced, to minimize suffering in the world for every living being and foster collective liberation however we can

8. We guarantee uprightness and integrity and a stance of openness to all individual members and collaborative bodies of the impact sphere, the tribes and familia

9. We swear to protect and infuse with new life the ancient recipes and hold firm against the entropic motions of the industrial, refined/processed and GMO food manufacturers poisoning the world and its people and buy up land to decontaminate, reanimate/reforest and forever henceforth protect it

10. We promise to always attempt staying accessible to even the most financially challenged members of our community through the lowest-possible prices, by the will and employ into service on favorable terms those most in need whenever possible

11. We infuse into every product that leaves our house our higher love, bless every ingredient, utensil and container we touch, and when we hand it over we do so with a smile on our face. For it is our deep, highest, sweet honor to cook for you. Namaste, maltiox & ahau familia, enjoy