Trimurti Project

About Trimurti

Trimurti roughly means threefold in Sanskrit (ancient Hindi) and seemed to us an appropriate working title for our current preliminary operations, before the SolReign impact school will unite the three projects into one: Laboratories, Dojo & Green School.

All our intention is set towards finding ourselves enabled to carry forward our lives in resilience and towards higher design, to know our health and power and make use of our knowledge and assets. This is what I, Silver Zen a.k.a. One-Wheel Joe, here assembled was the best I could think of.

The offerings accumulated between the three brands and our original consulting practice BrainHive North and BrainHive Marketing are indeed substantial. They are also full of synergies and complementary impact, and they allow for both intense ground operations as well as digital capacity.

The Design Intent Behind Trimurti

Everything is designed to evolve even as the decay of the world quickens in this precipice phase of Kali Yuga. To replace, repair and regenerate the world just as fast as she is falling and retain seeds and signatures of life and sprout anew the garden as it was meant to be, in perpetuity and splendor. This and nothing less is the mission and higher purpose of Trimurti.

The designs of Trimurti came from the deep knowledge of what it means to be fighting for the light. As night falls all around us, we must look sharp and carry every technique and tool in our quivers, even the shadow ones, and the ones to recover our soul essences that we shed along all these thorny, rocky paths, braving our traumas in an already so grievously dystopian reality.